Church Club

At St Sebastian’s we have a regular after school ‘Church Club’ where children from years 3-6 explore elements of our faith and assist with various church projects.  During a recent session, the children were encouraged to think about what they really value in their Catholic life and to transfer these thoughts and ideas onto some decorative church bunting.  The bunting was collated and proudly displayed in church for all members of St Sebastian’s community to enjoy.  Check out the photographs and see the wonderfully artistic creations that were produced.   The children (and adults) also fashioned a replica Father Mark and his pet dog Stitch out of various junk modelling material.  Fr. Proudly assumed his position next to the creation and the resemblance was rather striking as you can see!  At the end of our fun filled session, Fr. Mark gathered the group for a moment of quiet prayer and reflection and a thought provoking discussion on our Mother Mary ensued. 

We are looking forward to our next session and hope to see many more new faces joining us.