Splash! Summer 2017

Monday - Friday

24th July - 18th August

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Extended Holiday Provision will be provided over the half term, for children aged 5 - 13; open to children from all schools.

SPLASH will be held at St Sebastian’s School, in the school hall.

We will be offering a large range of both sport and art activities including Football, Dance and Arts & Crafts, as well as off-site trips, children must bring a packed lunch.

 SPLASH Session times are as follows:
Morning Session: 8:00 – 12:30 (£6.20)
Afternoon Session: 12:30 – 5:00 (£6.20)
All Day Session: 8:00 – 5:00 (£12.40)
SPLASH Session: 10:00 – 3:00 (£7.00)

Register for Splash!: Online Form or Printable Form

Book a session: Printable Form

Please return completed forms to St Sebastians or St Cuthberts school office


Please adhere to the specified session times as we are unable to take your child if they arrive early for their session. Fees must also be paid upfront at the beginning of your child’s session.  

We would like to stress the importance of booking your child a place as without 14 bookings per day we may be unable to run the scheme therefore please return the Holiday Splash Booking Slip.

All children must be collected by at the end of their session time or unfortunately a late charge will be issued of £1 per minute after the designated time.

Splash Residential 2016


  •  18th Aug 2016 - all arrived safe and sound.  Children have had a fantastic picnic.  They are now making their beds, which is a sight to see!  Our guide is Beccy, and she will be giving us a tour of the grounds.  After this we will be having our tea, then caving and a camp fire!  The sun is shining, lets hope it stays that way!  We will post another update tomorrow! Bye for now.
  • Friday 19th August 2016 - wow! What a day yesterday was, glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!  Unfortunately Friday has started with grey rainy skies which look set for the day.  But that wont stop the fun!
  • All the children had a go at caving and most really enjoyed it.  The staff were fantastic at encouraging everyone to try.  After this, we had a campfire, with lots of stories, songs and jokes!  They all really joined in and had a fabulous time. 
  • We've had bacon, sausage, toast and cereal for our breakfast and are ready to start the day! Problem solving and aerial ball are on the agenda. 
  • After lunch we should be leaving at 1pm, and hope to see you back at St Sebastian's School at approx. 2pm.  Unfortunately, with the strength of mobile signals we may not be able to update along the way.  It will be sad to see another successful splash end for the summer 2016.  See you soon!



Our First Splash Residential


Friday 21st July - Hi everybody, we've arrived safe and sound.  We've all had a lovely lunch and are about to start a tour of the site.  Everybody is very excited about the activities.  Say a prayer the rain stays away! 

Saturday 22nd July - Morning all, our children had a fantastic day yesterday.  They thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.  They told many jokes around the campfire!  After a hot chocolate and biscuit they all slept soundly and have just enjoyed a cooked breakfast.  We are having a brilliant time.  Once again, say a prayer the rain stays away! 

We are off for morning activities.  Not sure we will be able to do another update because our morning is very busy.  Ring the mobile number provided when we are on our way home for an update if you require,

Just got to time to give you one last update.  The children have just finished there last activities - Aero ball and caving.  They had an absolute ball despite the weather!!!! We are off to have lunch now and will be leaving at 1pm.  See you all at St Sebastian's about 2pm traffic permitting. 

The Kingswood Instructors keep commenting on how fantastic our children are.  They just get stuck in and have coped with some awful weather at times.

We think they will all sleep well tonight!