St. Sebastian's Staff

Executive Headteacher: Mr Dennis Hardiman MBE

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Jacqui Davies - Head of School

Ms Joanne Devine - Assistant Head Teacher and Assessment Co-ordinator

Mrs Jackie Hilton - Child Protection Co-ordinator

Mrs Lorraine Fay - School Business Manager


Premises Staff

Mr David Grimes- Site Manager

Ms Louise Henwood

Ms Mary Kennedy

Mrs Mary Williams

Ms Anna Kaczyca

Ms Joan Thomas


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Mary Donelon

Mrs Michelle Morrow

Mrs Shirley Rowan

Miss Kelsea Conway

Mrs Mary Williams

Miss Kelly McKeown

Miss Louise Henwood

Ms Gina Chapman

Mrs Joan Thomas

Teaching Staff

Ms Kate McMahon

Ms Aimee Ankrah

Ms Sophie May

Ms Laura Leneghan

Ms Joanne Devine

Mrs Leanne McCormick

Ms Jacqui Davies

Ms Courtney Daniel

Ms Laura Newby

Ms Claire Green 

Mrs Joyce Wylie

Mr Mathew Richardson

Mrs Julie Johnston


Outside Providers

Mr Martin Ridd - IT Support
Liverpool IT Services

MGL - Curriculum Support



Field of Dreams Nursery

Miss N Young - Manager 

Mrs J Dummett - Deputy Manager


Teaching Assistant Staff

Ms Stephanie Bullen

Mrs Tina Reynolds

Ms Diane Fleming

Mrs Debra Furlong

Mrs Margaret Haney

Mrs Julie Maguire

Mrs Kathy Rimmer

Mrs Sue O'Hanlon

Mr David Seddon

Mrs Tracy O'Malley

Ms Karen Williams (NNEB)

Ms Vicky Simpson

Mrs Susana Castro (MFL)

Ms Paula Turpin

Mrs Bernie Sefton


Computing/IT Supervisor

Mrs Julie Wilson 

Reading Champions

Mrs Veronica Cook

Ms Kelsea Conway

Ms Joan Thomas


Administration Staff

Mrs Nicola Von Bargen

Mrs Marie-Ann Donelon

Attendance Officer Freda Turner


Teaching Staff and Responsibilities                                      Support Staff Roles and Responsibilities