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Breakfast Club, After School Club & Holiday Splash - Extended School Provision


At the moment the clubs are running slightly different. For the most up to date information please contact school and ask to speak to a member of the extended school team. 


What is extended school?

Extended school is the collective term we use for the ‘out of school hours’ clubs that provide support by offering affordable childcare all year round.

These clubs include:

  • Breakfast Club

  • After School Club

  • Splash Holiday Club.

Breakfast Club

St Sebastian's breakfast club is an essential support system to our working parents and those who are accessing training. Breakfast club gives the children a positive start to allow them to fully focus on their learning and thrive during the school day. Breakfast is indeed a very important meal as it fuels you up and gets you ready for the day ahead. In general, children who eat breakfast have more energy and do better in school. Without breakfast, the children can get irritable, restless, and tired. At breakfast club we make it our mission for this not to happen! Children are offered a choice of cereals, crumpets, toast, fruit juices, milk and water. Friday is ‘children’s choice’ day when we offer chocolate pancakes and chocolate cereal. After breakfast club, children have free time. We offer a variety of activities including art, Lego and other board games.  Weather permitting, children are escorted by a member of staff to use our full size astro pitch.


Breakfast Club runs during term time, Monday-Friday from 8am-9am.

Open to children from Foundation 2 – Year 6, It is held in the main school hall

For more information, please use the following email address to make bookings or for any queries:

After School Club

Our ‘After School Club’ is a federated organisation working with both St Sebastian’s and St Cuthbert’s. We are registered with Ofsted which means some families may be able to claim tax credit or working family. We aim to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment enabling all children to learn and develop their attitudes, skills and abilities. We also aim to work with children, parents, carers and staff to share experiences ensuring we provide the best possible care and service for the children. We provide a range of activities to relax children after a hard day of learning. Every day we have a different creative and sporting activity so each session is different to the next. We provide a healthy snack which the children often help to prepare themselves.


After School Club runs during term time, Monday-Friday from 3.00pm-5.30pm.

Open to children from Foundation 2 – Year 6, It is held in St Sebastian's school hall. After School club requires a booking and you will be charged if you do not cancel 24hours before booking.

To Book or for more queries contact:

Afterschool Club Email Address:

Afterschool Club Mobile: 07885361710 (Available from 2.30pm-6.00pm Monday-Friday).


Splash Holiday Club

** COVID UPDATE: please contact school for the most up to date information regarding Splash **

Splash is an extended holiday provision provided over the half terms for children aged 5 - 13 and is open to children from all schools. We aim to provide a safe place for children to play and experience different activities. Splash is held at St. Sebastian's School Hall with the entrance on the junior yard. Children must bring a packed lunch.

  • We will be offering a large range of both sport and art activities so children need to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Any items that children bring in (including clothing) is the child’s/ parents responsibility.  Unfortunately, we are unable to be responsible for any lost items.  Please ensure your children to not wear or bring anything of significant value.

  • Children must bring a packed lunch.

  • Please adhere to the specified session times as we are unable to take your child if they arrive early for their session.

  • Fees must also be paid upfront at the beginning of your child’s session.

  • Please note: All children must be collected by at the end of their session time e.g. 12:30pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, or unfortunately a late charge will be issued of £1 per minute after the designated time.

Session Times and Prices

Full Day



Morning Session



Splash Session



Afternoon Session



For more information please contact:

School Office: 0151 260 9697.

Splash Mobile: 07885361710. (Available from 2.30pm-6.00pm Monday-Friday or 8am-5pm during half terms).