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At the Federation of St. Cuthbert’s & St. Sebastian’s, we encourage our children to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and safely.  We prioritise the teaching of how to keep safe online, and the consequences of not doing so.


Annually, parents and pupils review our Home School Agreement, which reflects the importance of using the internet in a well-informed, regulated and safe manner.


To support this effort, the Federation of St. Cuthbert’s & St. Sebastian’s also:

  • Share monthly briefings to parents / carers on the latest e-safety updates.
  • Assign ‘Digital Leaders’ in KS2 to inspire e-safety amongst peers.
  • Celebrate national online safety days.                                                                                             

The UK Safer Internet Centre groups potential e-safety risks into four categories, which the Federation of St. Cuthbert’s & St. Sebastian’s refer to when promoting e-safety:

  1. CONDUCT: Ensuring our pupils are aware of their digital footprint, and the importance of keeping personal information safe.
  2. CONTENT: Ensuring our pupils understand that not all internet content is appropriate for them, and cannot always be relied upon.
  3. CONTACT: Ensuring our pupils comprehend the internet opens a wide variety of networks, which may result in cyber-bullying or abuse if settings are not limited.
  4. COMMERCIALISM: Ensuring our pupils appreciate the implications of hidden costs and advertising in apps, games and websites.                                                                                       

Useful Links:

The following links provide further information about best practice at home that will support what your child is learning at school. We recommend that parents familiarise themselves with the content.

NSPCC Online Safety Website


O2 Keeping Kids Safe Online

UK Safer Internet Centre



CEOP  CEOP is a law enforcement agency to keep children and young people safe from sexual exploitation and abuse.

CEOP Police Reporting


If you have a safeguarding concern about any child with regards to Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet Safety please contact a member of school’s designated safeguarding team immediately.