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KS2 My Bnk Workshops (May / June 2020)

MyBnk were due to come into school in May & June 2020, to deliver some workshops to our Year 3 and 4 pupils. Unfortunately due to CoVid 19 and the school lockdown, these have had to be cancelled.


My Bnk are an education charity delivering financial education to schools and youth organisations. The programme is delivered across a 6 week period with the providers coming in on three occasions (once every two weeks) to run sessions: My Money’, ‘My Choices’ and ‘My Future’. The sessions are highly interactive and designed to help set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age.


My Money: Looking at how and where we get money, forms of payment and different bank accounts.
My Choices: Making choices with money, delaying gratification, needs vs wants and understanding that money is finite.
My Future: Understanding why people save, setting money goals and how setting positive money habits now will help in the future.


We are hoping to re-arrange these workshops in the near future -  in 2020 - 21.