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Statement of School Intent

At the Federation of St Cuthbert’s & St Sebastian’s Catholic Primary Schools, we have always striven to be creative, innovative and supportive to everyone in our school communities, in the best way possible, to make learning purposeful and holistic. We aim to provide a language-rich – reading rich curriculum, knowledge-based and, ambitious in its content for all learners. It is important that all our pupils’ progress well in the basic skills of reading, writing, grammar and number so that all may access a full curriculum. It is pivotal that the implementation of remote learning supports and continues this. In the event of a school /bubble closure, we are committed to providing a continuity of education through our systems of remote learning. Extensive remote learning would apply particularly in a situation in which school is closed for an extended period of time, but a high proportion of pupils are healthy and able to work as normal from home.


In Autumn 2020, The Christian Education Team, who are part of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, supported schools with materials for the blended teaching of Religious Education. This means that the same priority and standard of delivery is given to all children, whether they are working remotely at home or learning in school. Developments in Spring 2021, has meant that the majority of children are accessing Religious Education through remote learning. We continue to use the resources provided, to offer high quality provision. For this reason, we feel it's important to share these resources with you as parents / carers while supporting your child's learning at this time.


Each class teacher plans daily collective worship based on the weekly Gospel Value and encourages children both in school and at home, alongside their families, to engage and reflect on these. As a Catholic School we plan RE lessons which may offer the chance for our children to reflect on the current pandemic and the impact it plays on all our lives. We hope that the whole family finds the resources used in lessons, beneficial and prayerful. This section contains the resources shared by the Christian Education Team, which are used by all year groups in the planning & delivery of Religious Education at St Sebastian's.