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School Meals

If you would like a free paper copy of any of the information on our website – please contact the school office – Thank you

Our school meals are outsourced to Hutchison's Catering company. 

For up to date menus please contact the school office.

Cost of School Meals is £2.00 - under constant review.


Hutchison's - Food Quality & Healthy Eating Statement

We aim to work in partnership with schools to create a culture of healthy eating through the provision of quality, locally sourced foods and food education.

With increases in food deprivation and food poverty across the country, more and more children are arriving at school hungry, and their school lunch is their only hot meal of the day. Hutchison Catering Ltd provide the right food to fuel children’s learning giving them a better chance to achieve their full potential.


  • Fresh and seasonal ingredients, sourced locally
  • Reduced fat, salt and sugar varieties used where possible
  • Where possible, we use products certified as being produced with higher welfare standards or from sustainable sources, including Red Tractor meat, MSc certified fish, free range eggs fruit and vegetables from LEAF accredited suppliers and Fairtrade products wherever possible.


  • Developed to meet Governments School Food Standards
  • Portion sizes in line with those recommended by Government
  • Compiled of a mix of family favourites & innovative dishes
  • A variety of different fresh, seasonal vegetables, salad & fruit are available daily

The dining room experience

We see the dining room as an extension of the classroom as it provides ample opportunities for us to support children’s learning of where food comes from, how to keep themselves healthy and develop socialisation skills.

In primary schools, our Food Explorers concept is designed to link nutritious fresh food with fun learning around the farm to fork journey. Events are planned throughout the academic year, providing interactivity with new flavour discoveries, healthy eating and worldwide food facts.

In secondary schools, our Food Court offer provides a space for students to socialise with their friends over a healthy lunch. We encourage students to select a balanced lunch through availability of a variety of healthy, nutritious foods and the use of meal deal promotions.

Catering for all

We aim to cater for all pupils that would like a school lunch, including those with special dietary requirements to ensure that no child is disadvantaged. This will be agreed between management, catering & school staff and pupils following a risk assessment to ensure we can cater safely for the individual.

All recipes are nutritionally analysed which enables us to provide carbohydrate information for any diabetic pupils.

Menus include a variety of meat and vegetarian options as standard with some of the vegetarian options being plant based and suitable for those choosing to follow a vegan diet. If there is a need for a plant-based choice daily, this will be managed with a bespoke menu for that individual or school.

Hutchison’s at home

Through educational materials, healthy recipes and our school meal management system, we aim to support families to make informed, healthy choices both at school and at home.  


We are committed to continually reviewing and monitoring our offer to enable us to improve and ensure our customers’ needs at met. This will be carried out through:

  • Internal monitoring of quality and compliance with standards (internal and external)
  • Consultation with pupils, parents and staff.


We will aim to reduce or environmental impact by:

  • Using locally sourced, seasonal foods
  • Reviewing the amount of meat on menus and increasing more sustainable protein, whilst still meeting school food standards
  • Minimising the use of packaging but when required, use sustainable options
  • Work with schools to ensure any packaging is recycled appropriately


This approach to healthy eating and food quality is in line with Government recommendations and complements requirements set out in award schemes such as Food for Life and local healthy school awards, putting our schools in an excellent position to apply for these awards and demonstrate their commitment to food quality and healthy eating.

Nutrition & Food Development Manager