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School Meals

Our school meals are outsourced to Absolutely Catering.  They have provided the following statement outlining their commitment to providing quality food for our pupils.


Absolutely Catering Food Quality Statement


For up to date menus please contact the school office.


We recognise that the food that our customers eat is critically important to their health.


We are strongly committed to adopting healthier catering practices and to encouraging healthy and balanced eating by providing and promoting healthier choices


Our food offer is based on home-cooked food, freshly prepared on site, using fresh ingredients wherever feasible; to maximize access to fruit and vegetables by serving a choice of cooked vegetables, a salad bar and fresh fruit each day; and to serve minimal amounts of fried or highly processed, high salt foods.


We do not add salt in our cooking and our spreads are vegetable based or sunflower based.


We use a nutritionist to analyse all our menus to ensure they comply with the government based standards. The nutritionist monitors the average nutritional value of food provided to children and young people in our schools and compares the results against the Government nutrient standards.


British products and seasonal fruits and vegetables will be used whenever possible when compiling new menus. Where British products are unavailable (for example bananas), the use of fair trade or Rainforest alliance produce will be used.


Fresh meat is British sourced and Red Tractor assured to guarantee full traceability (except New Zealand Lamb). We only use free range eggs.


Through our purchasing agreements we take reasonable precautions to ensure that none of our food contains genetically modified ingredients.


Tuna fish is line and pole caught “dolphin friendly” and other fish products have MSC (Marine Sustainable) accreditation.


Where required we can also provide halal certified products.


Meals cost £1.90 per day. Thank you