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Zones of Regulation and ROAR Response

Zones of Regulation

Throughout Year 1- Year 6, our children follow the zones of regulation curriculum to identify states of emotions and learn to self regulate.


Why do we use Zones of Regulation?

  • Encourages children to identify and label emotions and helps children to understand that there are no bad emotions.
  • Children learn safe coping and regulation strategies which allow them to begin to understand self-regulation and the ability to recognise and calm when feeling stressed, overwhelmed and angry. 
  • Understanding the emotions of others helps with empathy and friendship skills.

Using Zones at home: 

Zones helps us to facilitate conversations about:

  • How we are feeling. Identify your own feelings using Zones language helps children to understand. (e.g. “I’m frustrated, I am in the yellow zone”)
  • Body cues when we are feeling certain emotions, the physical feelings behind the emotion (e.g butterflies in our stomach).
  • Why we are feeling a certain way, has anything happened?

Roar Response

ROAR was created in response to a city-wide review of whole school approaches to mental health. It was highlighted that staff should focus on recognising the signs of poor mental health.


The ROAR response to Mental Health in Primary Schools allows all school staff to recognise and address the signs/ symptoms of a child struggling with their mental health.


ROAR also encourages and helps children build resilience in relation to their mental health needs. ROAR is used to respond to the mental health needs of children and the school community, from Nursery all the way to Year 6.